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A. A. Malik

Hi, I am Ei, I obtained my Master Degree in International Economic Management at University of Birmingham in 2009 and my second Master Degree at Oxford University in International Business Management in 2010. Thus can only be achieved through my wonderful experience for 6 months extensive English course at ELC Education Makassar in 2008. ELC Education was not only help me achieving my IELTS target band at 8.0 to pass the English requirement, but also I cant hardly forget their helpful assistances in guiding me to select my destination university. My biggest gratitude to Mr. Yusran Bakrie as ELC Education lecturer who had massively contributed in teaching, guiding, and always motivated me to achieve my dreams, and also because of his assistance and ELC Education services as a whole, it brought a new perspective in my life that anything that looks impossible could turn to be possible as long as we try hard and we get the right guidance. Therefore, I totally recommended ELC Education as the right place for you to start to dream. 


AA Malik (Marketing Director of International Business Relations at HG Denison Singapore. Formerly worked at T-Mobile Brussels, APPLE Inc. London and New York, and Consultant at Siemens)

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